RONNIE MARTIN . . . Christmas Recordings available

Ronnie Martin ‘Bells Merrily’  HERE.

Bells Merrily is a brand new collection of original songs. A deep sense of nostalgia has always coursed through Martin’s music; here  he leans into the wistful, hushed, slightly melancholy feeling of the season, reflecting on the essential mystery at its core with wide-eyed reverence and sobriety. Martin’s signature Moog Synthesizer melodies twinkle like lights on the tree punctuated by synthesized washes of white noise and sound effects reminding us that old man winter is just outside the tightly shut door. The combined effect produces an ethereal and timeless set of songs that feel like they’ve been with us all along through the years, playing softly in the background while presents are unwrapped and advent candles are lit. The tracks were mixed by the fabulous Frank Lenz.

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