RONNIE MARTIN ‘From The Womb Of The Morning, The Dew Of Your Youth Will Be Yours’ is now available for Pre-order !

It comes is a few different amazing packages, so be sure to check them out here.

Snow Like Wool the 2nd single from the upcoming Ronnie Martin full length will be out on 12/03.

It comes as a beautiful deluxe cd package : Pre-Order it now ! HERE.


The new Ronnie Martin single will be released on Nov. 5th, (includes bonus remix from Golf Slang). Be prepared to be amazed > > >




The 16th Starflyer 59 full length Vanity, is now available for pre-order.  It’s official release date is 10/15.  Produced by TW Walsh.  Design and printing by Bruce Licher.  This is truly a fantastic sounding and looking record !  Pre-order HERE.



In an effort to make Mondays more bearable . . . we are releasing a new Bethan cover for the next 5 Mondays in a row !  You can hear the first 2 of them now : here and here

From singer Jessi Hall :

The songs in this collection are those we wish we’d had the inclination or talent to write ourselves, songs that make the regular rotation in our home, and songs that have become synonymous with our life as parents.


New Starflyer 59 single ‘Like To Lose’ is out on 7/09.  Pre-order the beautiful, deluxe Flexi 7″ of it here.

The new Starflyer 59 12″ single ‘Life In Bed’ is out on 6/11.  It’s beautiful. Pre-order it here.

Morella’s Forest is one of the great lost bands, and their lone album Tales – (recorded in 1988) when brothers Ronnie and Jason Martin were just 18 and 16 – has been the ultimate lost album for over 30 years to the handful of people who even know it exists. The two brothers would go on to respectively form the cult bands Joy Electric and Starflyer 59. No track listing or audio has ever leaked out. Its long-overdue release in 2021 feels like nothing short of a miracle or transmission from another dimension. VBM is thrilled to have acquired the rights to this record, and to be putting it out into the world ! ! !

The record comes on classic black or pink vinyl, with a color insert, and a historical document sheet written by Andrew Horton. CD version is a beautiful 6 panel fold out.

Pre-Order it here. . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Pony Express – Becoming What You Hate is now available on beautiful, classic black vinyl.  Get one here.


The new ISLA INVISIBLE ‘ep2’ package is beautiful !  It comes with the new 7″ vinyl, poster, sticker, lyric card, download card, and a cd with both ep1 and ep2.   You can pre-order it now :

Physicals ship out in Dec. – Digital release date is 1/15/21