Charity Empressa ‘A Riot Of Snowflakes’ pre-order

The new Charity Empressa record is now available here.

For fans of : Godspeed You Black Emperor, or His Name Is Alive, maybe This Mortal Coil . . . it’s a controlled experiment in sound and melody.

It’s been two decades since Charity Empressa debuted in 2001. Indie-rock scions Eric Campuzano (Lassie Foundation, Prayer Chain, Cush) and Frank Lenz (Headphones, Starflyer 59, Richard Swift), though, decided to revisit the project for 2023’s “A Riot of Snowflakes,” a process the pair started long before the pandemic.

Charity Empressa took a twenty-year hiatus, a twenty-year old four track, a Maxell cassette tape; with a sound, with a note, with a chord and made a new soundtrack.  None of this would have been done without the collaborators:  Domo Domoracki, Tess Shapiro (Tess & Dave), David Vandervelde (Father John Misty), Eli Thomson (Father John Misty, Richard Swift), Travis Trevisan (Tape Deck Mountain), Josh Hagquist (The Beautiful Mistake), and Scott Huckabey.

The record was mixed and mastered by Chris Colbert, with artwork by Jamey Bozeman.

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