Winter’s Fall

Peter Winter Stanley : Vocals, Guitar
Keith Gidlund : Drums, Piano, Rhodes
Pete Gidlund : Guitars, Loops, Synthesizers.
Hans Ashlock : Bass, Synthesizers, B3
Jody Clarke : Pedal Steel

San Francisco Weekly said Winter’s Fall was something like “a mix between Cormac McCarthy and Ray Bradbury”, or for the less well read, Western meets Science Fiction. Odd, we know, but  At All Angles makes you wonder if the two genres were always meant to collide. Other’s have termed it Post-Americana, or Math-rock meets Twang.  Their new record finds the band sweeping the curtain aside to reveal a well developed marriage of organic and electronic soundscapes.

To complete what was conceived as a start-to-finish “album arc” the band meticulously prepared and mapped out the recording’s entire scope. Transitions, multi-song suites, tempos, and keys were planned out to the letter.  At All Angles truly finds front man Peter Winter Stanley leading his band of multi-instrumentalists into new territories.  Brothers Keith and Pete Gidlund, Hans Ashlock, and Jody Clarke bring these songs to life.

There is the thematic linking in the three instrumental songs (beginning, middle, and end) which I’m told imagine a futuristic “surveyor” who discovers and charts new landscapes. Though the real story is not in narratives or lyrics but in the tones and textures that come from the electronics, steel guitar, and math rock-esque time signatures that weave themselves through the album.   All this set underneath Stanley’s intimate literary prose and unique vocal delivery.  The Berkley, CA band’s 2007 (Muddy & White), and 2008 (Self-titled) releases brought them critical attention, but it’s the new record you’ll fall in love with.  Everyone can do the math and see this record was 3 years in the making, and we are exceptionally proud to be releasing it.