Mist Giant

Daniel Mabry Allen – Drums, Vocals, Samples, Keys

Mark Pantoja – Bass, Keys, Cello, Guitar

Mike G. – Guitar, Vocals, Samples, Keys


Mist Giant is an indie electro post-rock band from San Francisco. The sound conjured up by this three-piece strikes a balance between accessible indie pop and experimental sonic exploration. Analog and digital textures frequently coexist, rubbing against each other and creating soundscapes at once familiar and alien. At times the music is dark and droning, at times it’s triumphant and soaring, but no matter what tone the composition may take the result is always organic and engaging.

The band credits Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Animal Collective, Radiohead, and The Books in particular as sources of inspiration for its far-ranging sound. Mogwai might come to mind as well, perhaps in a moment of particular starkness, but Mist Giant, while seemingly cold and minimal at times, still has a warmth at its core. There is also a timelessness to the songs, which are often hard to pin down to one time and place. This nebulousness is heightened by the vocals which, while affecting a nonchalance, seem to arise from a place of real urgency. It’s these subtle qualities that make the band stand out.

Human Tree was the band’s first official offering. Its 3 tracks clock in at just over 16 minutes and are available to download or as a 12″ vinyl with a beautiful etching across the B-side. Their latest effort Glass Walls is twice as long at 6 tracks. Without being heavy or hard, it is definitely intense and pretty dark overall. It was recorded at Ape Studios in San Francisco, and there’s a great energy that can be felt in these songs. Enjoy !


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