So I’m sure you have visited your favorite restaurant before and instead of getting what you know is delicious, you vere off and decide to try something new, something more exotic. This can result in a great new discovery, but let’ be honest most times you leave with the ‘why didn’t I just get what I already know is great’ feeling. For me Map is the musical dish I can count on over and over again. I always load up a bunch of tracks from the new hyped bands onto my ipod, but I find myself always feeling happy and relieved when a Map track comes up.

After 2 full lengths, and a handful of EP’s and vinyl the sound of Map hasn’t changed wildly from release to release, but really that’s what makes them reliable ! Almost every Map release leading up to this new record always contained an outstanding instrumental as well. So on their newest full length Speechless the band stays true to it’s weepy melodies, pop sensibilities and great guitar lines, though as the title would imply 8 of the 10 tracks are sans vocals. Has our old stand by now mixed things up too much ? Not at all ! Josh Dooley (vocals, guitar), Paul Akers (keys), Trevor Monks (drums), and J. Loop (bass) fully maintain the sound of Map. “Each song is personal to me and has certain emotions tied to it, but it’s like a clean slate for the listener. I’m providing the canvas and back ground, they’ll be painting the picture” states Dooley. “I was also dealing with some family issues at the time I was recording, so I didn’t want to have any lyrical content that I might regret later”.

These tracks are a perfect listen for a road trip, a walk to the store, or sitting in front of your computer. You can’t help but let your imagination run wild with what movie scene they’d fit well in, and hey we are all thinking of we might sing if these were our own songs ! There’s touches of Air, Franz Ferdinand, The Smiths, maybe even some Broadcast or Stereolab, but really as a whole it sounds like Map.

So in conclusion: don’t order the Thai, barbecued ham, chipotle rubbed, hot mustard infused, french wrapped, honey glazed, roasted garlic, flat bread, when you could just get the good old pepperoni pizza. Listen to this new Map record and be happy.


“Following in the tradition of such modestly luxuriant songcraft as Australia’s sainted Go-Betweens and England’s princes of soft-pop splendor, the Clientele” – OC Weekly

“Map screams out summer time love, in a David Lynch kind of way” – Lollipop

“We have loved everything thus far that we have heard from this incredibly talented band” – Babysue


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