Leem of Earth

Chapter Three : 06/07

Chapter Three completes a trilogy of EPs from Florida based band, Leem of Earth. Lyrically the final EP wraps up the storyline of an other worldly character named Leem, sonically it follows its predecessors in treading 90s rock band waters. Though it moves from a definitive synth rock sound into something more fluid ala Sunny Day Real Estate, which  is often cited by the band as an influence. There’s a hint of prog-rock, as well, evident on the track ‘Army of Dry Bones’. These 3 tracks were recorded by Chris Taylor and produced by Jeremy Griffith, just as Chapter One and Chapter Two were.

The first track, ‘Wishing Well’, has vocalist LM singing with tense and direct passion in the verses. The chorus quickly builds into a dynamic wail of sounds from the entire band. The lyrics tell of Leem wishing that she was anywhere but the wishing well, a feeling that seems at odds with the traditional fairy tale character, but is right at home on Chapter Three, as the storyteller comes to the end of herself. ‘Dressed For War’ circles the earth with war drums pounding and arpeggiated synths. The guitars are close and the bass holds everything firm. LM sings “…all of this time I’m looking out but blood’s on the battlefield within.” The song ends with the whole band singing out in the final bridge. The closing song, ‘Army of Dry Bones’, is cryptic with ancient and biblical references, it gives melodies to match the spirit of the lyrics: “Our bones are dry, our hope is lost.” The band thunders in a way that is reminiscent of Radiohead circa The Bends, underneath the angelic vocals. As quickly as this whole project began, it also quickly finds it’s close.

Leem of Earth offers this trilogy-ending EP as an other-worldly resolution to Leem’s story: that of a person on a quest, in music and in words.