Datahowler, born Ross Edman, is a Mad Scientist from Dallas, Texas. A musician, producer, designer and wizard. At a young age Ross trained classically in percussive arts eventually moving on to guitar, keys and sequencers. His history traverses many genres from touring in Hardcore outfits to Motown revival acts, to creating indie mash ups and making tripped out space beats. His interests include philosophy, islands, typography and science fiction. He’s weighs 165 lbs. and stands about 5′ 9″.
Most recently Mr. Edman has collaborated with members of The Polyphonic Spree and shared the stage with Baths, Washed Out, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Purity Ring, Die Antwood, Yelle, Junior Boys and Braids. In addition to his musical abilities, Edman has designed art for Mos Def, Ryan Adams and Jimmy Eat World. He also loves to make stuff – especially projection models, terrariums and other magical goods. Hence, Mad Scientist!

Abracadabra. This is where Velvet Blue Music (Huntington Beach, CA), Tree Fall Sounds (Dallas, TX), and Spune (DFW, Texas) enter the picture. A collective effort to educate the universe about Datahowler and his gifts. Or, at least assist in pulling the rabbit from the hat. The label trio having already introduced a 7″ vinyl series, felt it seemed only natural to include Datahowler. Except this 7″ grew to be a 10″!

Datahowler’s upcoming release, “The Crystal Gazers” comes in the form of a limited edition 10″ colored vinyl / digital EP. It’s 5 songs and 20 minutes of Ross’ favorite sonic compositions. In some ways, it is kind of cheeky like his latest video, but it also carries the weight of a more serious tone. The human condition and struggle with death, heartbreak and survival.

Now here is an amazing chill artist called Datahowler, when I came across his stuff it really stunned me at how good this music is!” – NME

“A science fiction-inspired romp through hip-hop, downtempo, and other genres.”  – Prefix Magazine

“We’re pretty big into Datahowler, and why wouldn’t we be?” – Central Track

“Genre-bending soundscapes mix downtempo and ambient electronic sounds with elements of hip-hop, sci-fi and, yeah, with a little dollop of chillwave” – Dallas Observer