Blue Blue Youth

We Are Wood And Likely To Burn

 : release date 08-12-2016
01 – Now We Wait
02 – I Should Have Slept
03 – Maybe Not Today
04 – I Think It’s Death
05 – And Then One Night The Shapes Returned
06 – I Admit I Aim Low


Blue Blue Youth is an experiment in collaboration involving both Drew Diver (Soda Shop) and Julian Brau (Suturee). With both being musicians and friends prior, the two had never worked together from the ground up. Approached by VBM to fill a void, the pedal boards and amplifiers were lit up each weekend and over the course of two months We Are Wood and Likely to Burn was completed.

The debut EP is all about mood and self-indulgence, layers of guitars and synthesizers meticulously swell in and out showing the duos attention to detail and their Kranky Records obsession. Patience is the key while both Drew and Julian adapt their sleepy ethos to sound and invite you to drift off.