Birds & Batteries

“Panorama” is the third full-length from the San Francisco based Birds & Batteries and their finest work to date.  The album is a rare mix of organic and electronic, pop and experimental and an effortless play of surprising elements.

Birds & Batteries 2009 EP “Up To No Good” showed singer / bandleader Michael Sempert exploring synth-funk and the influences of Bowie’s “Scary Monsters” and P-funk.  On “Panorama,” his love for artists like Harry Nilsson, ELO, and David Byrne shines through, and he trades in a bit of the irony for empathy.  Sempert might as well be a scientist in his next life, as he is able to blend his classic folk-ish voice with synth textures for down right futuristic results. When pressed for a simple summary, he’s described the sound as “Art-rock meets Tom Petty.”  Basically it’s not all that easy to define. Sempert is joined by Christopher Walsh (guitar), Jill Heinke (bass), and Brian Michelson (drums).

The record conjures up blue skies and big views.  It is heartfelt and bold and we think you’ll actually feel better for hearing it.

“Epic art pop”
—Dazed Digital (Dazed and Confused)

“The genius of the group is you never can tell”
—East Bay Express

“Tip your hat to Birds and Batteries for making eccentric music without worrying about fitting into an easy genre” – San Francisco Weekly

“A bit like a high-concept mashup, this fusion of two of the slickest eras of pop production produces some polished results”

“So gorgeous… it lulls you into magic”