Velvet Blue Music is a 100% independent label that was started in 1996.  There is no parent company funding the label.  All decisions, for better or for worse, are made by us!

The label was started by Jeff Cloud as a way to release artists that were making music that was a bit left of center.  Cloud, a musician himself (pony express, starflyer 59, joy electric) was always running across great artists who were being over looked, and decided to do what he could to change this.

Now 224 releases and 3 complete film soundtracks later Velvet Blue Music has left a small but meaningful mark in the history of independent music.  Releases from such artists as Leem of Earth, Air Review, The Rocky Valentines, James & Evander, Richard Swift, Bethan, The Prids, Birds & Batteries, Frank Lenz, Menomena, Doug Burr, Denison Witmer, Rocky Votolato, Viva Voce, Map, Seryn, Starflyer 59, Joy Electric, Telegraph Canyon, Lassie Foundation, LN, Kissing Cousins, etc have helped to make the label what it is today . . . . quality, slightly left of center music.

Our songs have been used by : American Horror Story, 13 Reasons Why, Apple, Homeland, This American Life, Disney, American Idol, Revenge, Elementary, Pacifico Beer, Nike, DC Shoes, O’Neill, Oakley, Syfy, MTV, American Hipster, Degrassi, Levi’s, Wacom, etc, etc, and a whole slew of independent films.

We hope you’ll take part in what we are doing.