The new Kissing Cousins EP In With Them is now out, and Entertainment Weekly helped us celebrate by debuting the new video for the title track here.


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Kissing Cousins : In With Them vinyl / digital out on 12/09  + FREE shows  @ The Satellite in Los Angeles

Read more here.   120114_KCResidency_600x927pts 120114_KCResidency_600x927pts 120114_KCResidency_600x927pts

We are thrilled to announce that Mike Sempert will perform some songs at the upcoming TED@IBM event, in San Francisco 9/23 at the SF Jazz Center.  You can view a live stream of the event if you register w/ them here. Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 11.53.13 AM

We are thrilled to have new Bethan music coming out !  This is the single from their upcoming full length ‘Time Gone By’. (out on 10/07 produced by M. Smith of Midlake).  The single is backed w/ a non-album track as a little bonus for you.


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read about it here.


We are thrilled to have Huffington Post and Buzzbands LA show the new Mike Sempert video : here. 


Click HERE.

safe_image.php   See it right now  :  here.


Apple turned 30 and they put together this great short video to celebrate.  Hear Air Review ‘Young’ in it !


We are thrilled to announce we’ll be releasing the new solo record from Birds & Batteries frontman, Mike Sempert.  More info to come soon . . . .  Mike Sempert ‘Mid Dream’ will release on 5/06.  Filter debuts track here.