Telegraph Canyon


It takes just the first few opening hollow piano notes of ‘The Tide and The Current’ to set in motion the idea that Telegraph Canyon is a band with purpose and craft. For quick reference, tags like Southern Gothic and Dark Folk could be applied, but none of those convey the earnestness, yearning, and desperation of these recordings. Telegraph Canyon combines compelling songwriting with layers of driving, dynamic sounds only to, at times, strip it all away and expose a raw and gentle undercurrent. There are sparse and quiet moments, and then there are explosions of sounds, all underlined with an insanely personal connection. After a few listens, you start to feel as if the band is playing these songs just for you.

Chris Johnson (guitars, banjo, vocals), surrounded by Chuck Brown (bass, vocals), Austin Green (drums,keys, bells), Tamara Cauble (violin, vocals), Brian McCorquodale (pedal steel, piano, percussion), Andrew Skates (organ, accordion, mandolin, guitar), and Erik Wolfe (guitar, bass drum, vibes), together form this ever-growing palette of sound.

In support of ‘The Tide and the Current’, produced by Will Johnson (Centro-Matic, South San Gabriel), Telegraph Canyon is filling the rest of their calendar with tour dates.

We love this band and know you will be captivated as well. Take a look at what critics who already love them had to say.


“Johnson spins dark-hued tales of love, loss, and life that spring to life on pedal steel runs and angelic organ fills. Timeless yet immediate, it’s the sound of America, torn from the depths of an observant soul” – Star-Telegram

“A lesson in beauty sent back your way in waves.” – Dallas Observer

“Telegraph Canyon expertly blends the rustic, organic tones of harmonica, viola, organ and acoustic guitar with the technological muscle and intricately processed electronics” – West Coast Performer

“They navigate the pre-apocalyptic universe by the light of bright acoustic riffs and to the march of thunderous beats, everything guided by the spirit of frontman Chris Johnson’s ominous, the end-is-near lyrics” – Ft. Worth Weekly

“The Tide and The Current, is a valentine to subdued monumentalism. The bells and martial beats, the swirling violin and wheezing harmonica, the jauntily strummed guitars and Johnson’s nervous, reedy voice—every element and every note is vital though not always in the fore, allowing for that most important ingredient: space. Johnson’ ;s epic lyrics demand it.”
– Paste Magazine
“Sprawling Fort Worth, TX septet write alarming small songs, ornamented with accordion and violin — quiet little alt-country numbers that work their way toward irresistible choruses.”
– Rolling Stone